lundi 15 décembre 2008

Comment ça marche

J'ai un vide
qui m'habite
qui me nourrit
et me mange

le vide infernale
où je dors
pendant que
je meure
chaque jour

tristesse san fin
un trou pour
tout le temps
où la pluie
tombe d'en haut

moi en bas
sur le dos
coeur leger
coeur vidé
mon sacré coeur

(How this works

I have an emptiness
that inhabits me
that nourishes
and eats me
from within

the infernal emptiness
where i sleep
I am dying
each day

sadness without end
a hole for
all time
where the rain
falls from above

me below
on my back
heart light
heart emptied
my sacred heart

7 commentaires:

Boris a dit…

This is almost too sad for words Laura.

It seems like there's no room left for any hope but I do hope that that is not true and that the hole will be fought off and overcome.

Anonyme a dit…

I love this Laura, and so glad you posted a translation, as my French is very poor. But I loved to read it in French and imagine the sound of the words. You will have to post a link to your reading, in French and English. This poem is wonderful... the last image, "my sacred heart," is really exquisite and provides a powerful contradistinction between the speaker's travail and her ascension into acceptance and understand. Best regards, Ed

Anonyme a dit…

I too like this...empathize with it for I well relate to the words. The Lady Raven Spirit.

Jan Hersh a dit…

le vide nous invite pour
le gonfler avec amour
l'ame poetique dont j'adore
la tristesse se remplace
avec la paix et le grace

Moineau En France a dit…

merci, mes amis. i was just telling jan that this poem was a blessing because immediately after i wrote it, i had an hour's worth of quiet tears. i then realized that this poem could be considered the second part of "the futility of tears"!

if you know any french, note the difference in style between these two voices. my french poetry has always seemed to me more ethereal, spiritual and the english, harder edged and angry. you would have to see more to judge, and i hope you will, but i've been stunned by that difference. and the difference works well if you consider the two poems as parts 1 and 2. i may continue this...

Jan Hersh a dit…

un erreur...LA Grace!

Moineau En France a dit…

the french do it all the time, jan, although they may not admit it! i once wrote a long article that was quite controversial called "le genre ne compte à rien" (gender counts for nothing). it was fun to cause that stir! but gender can be such a hot topic these days. :>>)) xooxox