jeudi 14 janvier 2010


tableau: otto dix, self-portrait as mars, 1915

i returned to our astoria poetry workshop taught by laura anne brooks tonight and wrote the following as my first exercise of the year, using the number "6". evidament, je suis inondé par des pensées d'afghanistan...

six ducks
six goblets
six slugs of eau de vie

i'm dropping tears
like an iron-clad knight
on the battlefield

six drunks
six young'uns
six drummers drummin'

i'm proud of
who i've become
in the movies

the sixth part of me
bends with the celluloid text
i'm cut up in the editing

six tricky fingers
six civilians
six dead children

crowds of afghans
push their way
into the future

my own gang
lunges over the hill
and drops their rifles

a general will soon
receive a notice of
unintended slaughter

there will be a
review, a report, and
a trial by jury

no one will go to
jail because
we are all guilty

six positions
six civilians
@ sixty-six bullets

time runs out
the film ends
i am antihero

six black holes
six wounded warriors
six hoops of memory

i sit in my room
trembling and
await the slow crawl

six minutes
six months
sixty-six years

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