dimanche 20 mars 2011

pour mon fils joseph

a super moon blazed 
all night and into morning
and i thought about you
turning twenty-seven years old
and how amazing you are

you were born on the first day
of spring and the zodiac
the hope for an all new tomorrow
all new reinvented without stain
a pure lamb of god

but how our lives spun
out of control how i crashed
and burned with the weight of years
and how it all touched you
made you afraid and cynical

how i wish i could undo all
the harm i caused you
change the trajectory of your days
and just hold you and tell you
how you are everything

but i cannot find you today
you've removed yourself from
my pain and sickness
just as i did so many years ago
when i left my mother's world

perhaps all young people
must remove themselves
from their parents' foibles
make new lives for themselves
and new families if they can

just know that i am waiting
and that i am patient
as good today as i was 
damaged years ago
and i'll wait forever if i must

nothing shall separate us
not god or illness or jaded memory
the ghost of someone stands
between us but he too
shall part like an ocean

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Anonyme a dit…

beautiful poem. :)