mardi 28 août 2012

it's inevitable

it was inevitable that
she would become too lonely
it was inevitable that
she would find a way to
feel needed and beautiful
that she would become afraid
feel guilty and unfaithful
that she would scurry home
with her tail between her legs
and act angry and hurtful
it was all so inevitable

it is inevitable now that

her heart feels like a sponge
soaked with someone's blood
it is inevitable that 
her mind is always
somewhere else
that she is driven to say
sorry it was all my fault
and think about how
poems might save her
it is all so inevitable

all so obvious and
inevitable and unfair to
everyone including herself
in its inevitability
like a hangover after
too much liquor
or an early grave
of a golddigger
and she's been digging
just as fast as she can
for a way out

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