jeudi 7 juin 2012

Love is all there is: the rest is self-delusion

Ancient maple by Patricia Scarborough from her Off the Highway Project

Have we a minute to sit
you and I
beneath this
heavily laden maple
sheltered from the rain
chilly wind
or sun

We can speak of the thing
unspoiled before
we touched it
in that devil may care
manner we have
of wanting to possess

the war years
that brought us
years of strife and
sacrifice and
and loyalty
burying the losses

What cowards we were
not to love!
What fools in thinking
we were above all that
mincing and mixing
of the inane with the serious
idiot sentimentalism!
We could do it all again
if not for ourselves

If not for self-delusion!
Oh I am off again
on that ancient subject
my will to resist
broken and dangling
from your pretty wrist
with a million charms
like dying stars
yet I would love you again

The other feelings
I have are all
mostly made of sand
a past that never was
a war that never ended
at the biological level
a cell that can
no longer divide

2 commentaires:

ZEP a dit…

I would know thee
would honor your
most intimate tattoo
the touchee of needles
and speading colours all

Stirling Davenport a dit…

this is marvelous, Laura. I haven't been getting notifications of your posts, but I looked you up. I don't think my blog is sending out any notifications either. love