vendredi 1 juillet 2011

when eagles fly

photo: department of the interior (click to enlarge)

the eagle that is living across the street
somewhere in the tallest old growth trees
rises like a rocket and lets out a shriek
breaking my apathetic morning

another day it cackles away
a nawing kind of birdsong
it doesn't want anything anywhere near
it's taking care of nest and pantry

one frantic wave of its mighty arms
propels it across my neighbor's yard
over his rooftop and in seconds gone
disappearing into river environs

to silence go the jabbering crows
my cat looks over her shoulder
with terror in my heart i stop the rocker
then we breathe and resume our natural order

later that day i notice a klutzy eaglet
following its mother in this western blot
she chooses east for its maiden voyage
four wings spread wide, one stable, one not

and then today and yesterday nothing
no stun of surprise like the day before
when a convocation circled down the road
invoking in my heart a small riot of joy

i still hear them hidden in the green mass of trees
threatening the crows and the sparrows
the crows are streetwise, they get by all right
and the sparrows flit about non compos

me i'm sitting at this half-baked window
listening to a bunch of cackle and crow
under the traffic noise below the trees
and somewhere in those woods my spiritual home

thank you to aquilline for posting this beautiful video on youtube

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