lundi 20 juin 2011

toxic mantras

"somatoform disorder"

the very words chill the heart
like an abusive priest crying
"suffer the little children
to come unto me"
a mantra so painful
even your flaming body
grows hotter
flushes with ice
and boiling water
lifts you from the chair
you've been captive in
for twenty years
as you throw yourself
at the marauder
the bankrupt siren
singing to solomon
and nothing can stop
the rage you feel
as you tumble to the floor
flailing your aching arms
standing on useless knees
and weeping icicles
hard and sharp
from years of slaughter
at the hands of doctors
wagging their tongues
of disbelief
proffering toxic mantras
into waiting mouths
into dimpled brain cells
as adrenal glands contract
and the natural matter
of surety and survival
is stolen from you

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