mardi 24 août 2010

Why the American Economy is in the Dumps

why is our economy in the dumps? one reason might be that we are paying the salaries of every politician, cop and ditchdigger in afghanistan, for every contractor, every road, the whole kit and caboodle. add to that iraq, then israel and egypt (to name a couple). then add to that 700+ military bases around the world. then add the rest of the defense budget, including all the money not allocated directly to defense, like energy and homeland security, which has DOUBLED since 2002 and is on track for a 2% increase in 2011, NOT counting the two wars.

meanwhile the average american cannot have what he or she needs, like jobs, healthcare, or education. even the israeli citizen has public healthcare. when are we going to rise up and say enough is enough, and i'm not talking tea party...

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