samedi 9 octobre 2010

a list for my dietician

breakfast is oatmeal, flax seed and raisins
with enough cinnamon to kill the wildebeest
popcorn snack, soy butter on sesame crackers
yogurt with bioenzymes and 100% fruit jam
milky white tea, stove-top coffee
nutty basmati steaming through the house
custard with olives and brocoli heads
pineapple and mandarins in a jar
(drink the juice before it's gone)
an apple, some carrots, leafy greens
dressed with mayo, apricot, & lime
(top with seeds of all kinds)
butter beans and tomatoes, chickpeas or lentils
spicy dal with chapatti, tortillas and avocado
bitter chocolate to sweeten my dreams

goodbye to my foods
goodbye to the last comfort
do not live to eat but eat to live
sometimes i wonder what is left
a red drop at the tip of my finger

1 commentaire:

bluerose a dit…

Ha! Love the sarcassim in this. Another poem that hits home for me :]

Diabetes runs in my family. To avoid it, I gave up all processed sugars, the hardest of which were ice cream and chocolate. But hey, at least I could still have cheese, right? Not for long. Seems I've developed some sort of intolerance to dairy now. Arrrrgh! My ancestors were dairy farmers, the first settlers in Wisconsin. This is so unfair! You have my sympathy.