samedi 3 avril 2010

exercise #1 - free write

détail de mon "spring fever"

decadent polyglot
couch potato
she's got holes in the head
joyless sexless

remember when we
could embellish?
now i need a film
a radio anything with sound
the snapping fingers
like velvet on bone
give it a beat yeah
beat the thing over the head
do what is necessary

there really is nothing to say
love is overrated
marriage isn't for everyone
thirty years
you'd think i would have learned
but i think i'm special
bilingual bipolar bisexual why not
better than this thing that sucks
better than dependance

looking at the tv all day long
it's got a big fat penis
it's fucking me up with its
sackcloth and nonsense
promotional subliminal intellectual porn
assholes with car horns
medicines to ask my doctors for
whores and wannabe whores
bios of famous people

someone said it's hard to write
with fibromyalgia and i said
oh yeah? just pick up the pen, baby
we tell it exactly like it is around here

but no one wants to hear
this loss, this self-pity
this diagnosis
everyone is tired of it
everyone is tired
get over yourself because
you ain't gonna get over it
in a million years
not in this life time

big fucking deal they found a
retrovirus no one can duplicate
let the little buggers eat
glutinous cake

self-ennui how excrutiating
this whole exercise is more joy than
sitting in a frying pan with a boiled egg
oh boy my sandwich
another cup of tea yes!
am i grateful? oh yes yes
full of gratitude the sun is out
i've got ten fingers
and a back-lit keyboard

i'm here listening to the wind if
you want to say anything
i'm listening listening
to the bloodless wind

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