mercredi 26 mai 2010

for something new to come, something old comes first

image par Claire

fire the maids
open the door
let in the storm

scream a hallelujah
to the raging gale
circulating in the yard

spring folie has set
my teeth on edge
my nails are dirty

the itchy scarf around
my neck has come undone
releasing red rage

i want to eat meat
i want to sink my teeth
into bone and gristle

set a cigarette
on greasy lips
slug piquant liquor

throw the cat into
the arms of the sun
she finds a nest of moles

let in the moths
and nightsongs
banging at my windows

je suis noir de monde
i've had it up the wazoo
with people

alone in my room
i regurgitate the past
flashback panic

a menstral flow starts after
nine months without one
i've given birth to blood

for something new to come
something old comes first

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