dimanche 2 août 2009

The Moneychangers

Avarice by William S Burroughs, 1991, woodcut and 5-color screen. (Rights pending.) Click on the artwork to enlarge and read!

the churches are emptying out
have you noticed?
the temples and mosques  
have lots of space
'cause the moneychangers have
a bigger venue now, they've got 
the world, picking our pockets  
and it's killing us, my darlings

poverty breeds anger
that's what the bouddha said 
and it leads to killer wars
between brothers and sisters  
but the moneychangers are  
ready to fill the void
poised to lend a hand
at thirty-something percent

got oil? got gas or copper? 
nothing to fear but fear itself
'cause that's what it takes to
get the whole gang together 
the moneychangers commit  
to a few shares, but they're
well connected, they know the 
who's who of extraction 

the so-called wealthiest of nations
love the moneychangers  
a bubble or two is enough to
send every politician kissing ass
if you're canned or sick, they say 
there's nothing left, but
"help!" say the moneychangers  
and there's not even a ceiling 

we the women and men
who drive the machines  
who feed their open palms
we're but indentured servants  
but, darlings, we must
fault ourselves as well 
for we are seeking
easy money, easy wealth 

we're seeking celebrity and
worship of the self  
"just one more thing and
we'll be happy!" we cry
and then the next big thing put
forth by the main stream
the one that will make you a star
that puts you in a bigger car 

but it's plastic magic, baby 
tubal ligation of
our brains and wallets  
o dearly beloveds 
watch the moneychangers  
swipe the cards and then  
fill up on more and better PR for the 
next big thing they know we'll want 

and the clerks 
mayors and rabbis
our trusted servants  
join them from behind
to steal from the blind and
sleeping congregations 
wake up, wake up
the moneychangers are come 

we are not a great country
this u. s. of a. 
we don't even care for
our own sick or poor
but hey, the moneychangers 
are all over the world
and it's just a handful that's hip to the
levelin', and they're gettin' better 

my countrymen, wake up 
world citizens, confess your avarice
if we change our religion
and burn our affiliations
if we boycott all of them
baby darling, perhaps, perhaps 
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps 
we can kill them

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