vendredi 17 février 2012


for sylvia

where are you daddy
in your mansion
a stone's throw from the ocean
in santa monica
walking the dogs
feeding the parakeets
riding your exercycle at dawn
to keep the ole
adrenaline pumping
no more marathons for you
no more uniforms
no more trips abroad
no more telephone calls

have i never known
a daddy outside of the
disjointed facts
you told me at thirty-six
maybe i was too old
to connect
it felt to me like a stranger
was calling my name
raising my little girl hopes
for having a daddy
a daddy all my own
a mirror a mighty arm
a miracle

i was told you took me
driving driving driving
as i slept like a baby
sprawled in the car seat 
out like a light so they say
but there are no pictures
buried in my brain
not even a feeling
between us
just two actors who
assume their roles and then
pass into the night
never knowing
where is daddy 
where is daughter