dimanche 25 septembre 2011

je suis francophile

i want a croissant
biftek poulet alain bashung
i want a new language
a post cinema verité
an avant garde nouvel roman
i want a song about lyon
or strasbourg or toulouse
i want to be pédé in gay paris
or bi- in bretagne
I want to sit in an old theatre
and drink in bérénice
then go home and 
write poetry à la ferré
i want to be risqué
i want to be un grand
i want an old barn for maison
and a terrace sur la seine
i want to take a train to cannes
and try this poem over again
i want to say "je vous aime"
like a true patriot
for once in my life
i want to say "vive la france"
without the guilt
and throw off the shackles
i've felt since i was twelve
this American nightmare
adieu vietnam
bienvenu afghanistan
an endless maladie
tying me to a couch
with pills and pain
year after year after foutu year
my heart bursting with desire
my soul longing to speak
but the words are always foreign
always à la français
so no one gets the poems
even if my accent is good

6 avril 2008

2 commentaires:

Old Raven a dit…

Oh, I do believe that there are many who get your wonderful poems. Indeed I just found you in another's bloglist.

Moineau en France (LT) a dit…

oh thanks, lynn, i needed that lol! i'm having a pretty bad time. i cut my pain meds in half as an experiment and now they won't give me any breakthrough. i'm really suffering. i have a doctor's appt on tuesday. say a prayer that he'll listen to me, please? much love. xoxo