dimanche 26 août 2012

rêve du matin

i slept in this morning
and had a strong dream
about dangerous love:
no façade is the best façade
for one can project anything
one wants onto it

there was always a
cruelty to his words
a narcissistic sense of
superiority over everything
and i for one knew
i would never live up to
his fundamentalist gospel

no easy answers in
the dark deep chasm
of pain and illness
yet they slipped from his fingers
like honey and raindrops
i can live with the dichotomies
that life throws at me
my mouth is open to it all

one life, one love
one man to make love to
he is visible and kind
he has never mocked me
but his laugh lights up the world
and i can see

Paintings: Lenoir Charles Amable, Dream of the Orient and Nymph in the Forest

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