mercredi 16 mars 2011

high alert!

we're in meltdown again
overhot, anxious, rapid heartbeat
blood is pooling at our ankles
away from the central nervous system
and lights are blinking
high alert! high alert! high alert!

with all these years under our belt
why didn't we tear down the intruder
why did we wait until he was here again
offering us his apocalyptic visions
spiraling us down to melting metals
poison gases and unproductive think tanks

high alert! i feel it in my belly
i cover my breasts with my hands
buy iodine drops and call my parents
or try not to think about it at all
go about my daily life like a caged mouse
my throat raw and swollen

if we get through this one
will we change the energy trajectory
go for the sun moon and stars
or will we go on as before
separating molecules, merging gases
creating new cell lines, spawning new viruses

science is not coming to save us
it is creating monsters
and perhaps not one of them
but many intruders shall come calling
entering our lives and homes
stealing away our children

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