mercredi 20 juin 2012


Enrico Robusti, La Preghiara non ascoltata dell' annegato/
The Prayer not heard of the drowned

she won the purse
at carnival
she danced around
the table
but when she sat
she fell so flat
that nothing could
arouse her

a man a-saunter
came upon her
and breathed
into her cables
she sat straight up
and with one look
she knew that
she had found him

she stuffed some bills
into his mouth
he chewed them up
like lettuce
and in between
his burps and moans
he told her of
his fetish

nothing could stop
her rush of love
she threw her
feet upon him
and now at home
she stomps and groans
to soothe his
bastard burden

and all the while
the money grows
within his
rum-tum tummy
and one day now
he'll shit it out
and they'll be
all a-gaggle

that's 21st century
love my love
that's carnival
and cash
love is made
on the strawberry moon
and everyone is
a looney tune

for love
for love
for love
oh darling
for love made
on the moon

2 commentaires:

Mary Stebbins Taitt a dit…

Wonderful! Art and poetry! :-D

Laura Tattoo a dit…

thank you, mary! it flowed out quickly, and enrico's work was the perfect fit. check him out on fb... his name is the link.