lundi 2 août 2010

Eagle eye

i'm experimenting with writing with my non-dominant left hand. i'm going to be writing one poem a day in this way, hoping to trigger and strengthen the right side of my brain... and memories.

Time to fly
said the little eagle

Time to release
the exasperated ego

I'm taking a trip
to the other side of my brain

I'm tired of being alive
with my eyes closed

Begging for crumbs
I put sand in the machine

This eagle is an anarchist
The kiss of life is death

Woe the elements in
the eagle's nest

The pauvre petite eaglets
in the afterglow of knowledge

Red spiders enter the nest
and eat the half-baked chicks

When full moon comes
the wing's on fire

Each rapid beat of heart

When one flies with fire
there is authentic music

Eagle eye morning star
sun moon and sky above

Terror on the earth below
as mothers sing to their babies

2 commentaires:

enudelman a dit…

Laura, I really like this one. What a great beginning with that near-rhyme (eagle/ego)... that is brilliant. But the poem rings like a bell... warning or call to arms? We fight not against flesh and blood...

Kap a dit…

Like the poem. Love the idea.