mardi 26 janvier 2010

no more cryptic prayers

"You feel frustrated, depressed and life is unbearable, because you can't do the one thing you love to do most." ~ Rachel Ballon

i need a serious angel
a grand slab of reason
a knock on the head
with peaches and cream

anything but what i have
anything but this grand sadness

i need a national anthem
i need truth in reconciliation
i'm not a founder of nations
but an astute hanger-on

jazz for the masses
blues for my sorry soul

i need my old purple mountains
some good old fashioned philo
a poem that will rock my world
with a simple fait accompli

anything but what i see
anything but this droning tv
(and in hd, their eyes follow me)

i need and need and need some more
like a good american consumer girl
fuck my passions fuck them all
including obsessive jailhouse rock

alibis for living low alibis and more!
like dirty hair and dirty socks
(and dirty looks in the dark with dreams on)

anything but this sad city
any place but the pacific nw
any appendage but a one track head
anything but this sick fucking bed

i'm waiting for a letter that says
we've found you a woodland nest
and every word that you catch
counts for a basket

here in provence
here among the olives
inspired by italia
which lives on sur la langue

lady get up and
need no more!
break out because even small
animals have heard your prayers

and it's fait accompli, fait accompli
no more cryptic prayers no need

1 commentaire:

Liz a dit…

Oh my dear your work is so ... well, this was just like a cork screw and it twists so very well. I really like it and it leads me to believe that there is indeed hope ... ;)