dimanche 17 janvier 2010

what's to be expected?

fame fame fame
that's all they think about
those artistes
those egoistes

they are more depressed about
their lack of fame than the fact
that they haven't written a new
song or poem in the last weeks,
months, years, more worried about
record companies and book deals than
whether or not their art is going
anywhere but on a shelf or melded
to plastic or into the fire of human
history, ash or bone.

i read that there is more depression in
this world about fame than anything
else: everyone wants to be famous,
a celebrity, a lead guitarist, a
brilliant poet, everyone wants to be
heard and seen, recognized as genius,
more than to have the muse descend in
the wind and knock them on the head and
wake them up to the fact that it's about
process and nothing else because in the
end you won't be remembered.

(99.999999% chance de disparition)

i feel like a worm if i haven't written
a poem in three days. but i too want to
heard, to be remembered, i just refuse to
become depressed about it anymore, what's
the use when i'm sure to be one of the
disappeared... just give me poems for
breakfast, lunch and dinner, i'll work, i
promise, i won't leave anything out, i'll
tell the truth the best i can, burn out
the flame, and go to bed, smacking my
lips and giving praise for the day.

14 commentaires:

Mary Stebbins Taitt a dit…

YES YES! Oui oui! It is the act of writing, the joy of discovery and creation that moves me.

(But then, I must admit, I do like to share with someone!)

Nice poem.

Moineau En France a dit…

yes, sharing. but sharing is a lot different than fame seeking, don't you think? ever since i read that study about the main cause of depression being people's desire to become famous, i've seen it everywhere and i've questioned my own motives for lots of stuff. it just came up the other night again while attending one of ron's gigs with someone who thinks a lot about becoming famous. thus, this poem. xoxoox

Ottodachat a dit…

je suis désolé que me chats ne sont pas renommé autour du monde. Etre fameaux ou non, n'est pas la question, c'est le moyen d'y arriver!

enudelman a dit…

great sentiments and sweetly delivered in poesy, the rant bottled in a soul's breath-full of righteous indignation... what better form of intoxication? That said, there is a delicate balance between art and ego, art for art's sake vs art as a medium for change, pursuing fame versus being 'famous.' In the last case, the former is a ruse, the latter is a byproduct often out of the control of the artist. I want my poems to be read by as many folks as possible, but the reason is not to satisfy ego but to have a chance to interact and affect (effect) more than less. But I've got a secret that will keep me from ever approaching fame, and I thank my lucky stars I was made that way.

Moineau En France a dit…

otto, je viens de regarder le film "le bal des actrices", c'était à propos de ce sujet. je pense que tu l'aimerais...

ed, me too. but mine is not a secret. whatever it is, bless you. you are a great poet. may you be read again and again... xoxoxoxoox

moigo a dit…

Besides fame and work and telling the truth the best one can (which is saying a lot in your case), there is the effect on the individual and ripples. I believe in ripples. We're all energy, subject to the effect of others, true even of those who fancy themselves celebrities. The impulse to work is an admirable thing (says she sitting on her butt)especially if the work is transcendent. Thanks again.

Moineau En France a dit…

wherever you are, on your butt or not, whenever you speak i find myself transcending my petty world... i am not tickling your ego here. if i understand you, everyone has important things to say. i wish we were better listeners... xoxoxoxo

Alakaline a dit…

Laura, this is indeed human nature..unfortunately.
What you describe so well reminds me of Abraham Maslow's theory of Motivation based on hierarchy of needs.


Liz a dit…

My dear ... this resonates with me! And it is so true for most. But your wonderful words lift me up for I write for one reason and it is not to be published but to do it well and utilize it as a tool for teaching with my veterans.

Moineau En France a dit…

thank you, alaka and liz, i appreciate your reading. xooxoxxo

Kate Champagne a dit…

We need to focus only on immaterial things in order to be happy...

Jan Hersh a dit…

But you are famous.

Boris a dit…

Laura, this is an interesting analysis of the intricate interplay between creativity and self-esteem.

It calls into question the motivations behind our works of art and whether indeed some of the greatest works of art in history were created purely for art's sake or whether there were other, less lofty motives involved and if so, are those works of arts then debased in any way because of that?

I think it also brings up the issue of how much the self-worth of an artist is dependent upon them being able to keep creating
( "i feel like a worm if i haven't written/a poem in three days" )

So this poem, in effect, addresses the issue of the connection between creativity and self-esteem
from two angles: one is the self-esteem that one receives from the acknowledgement by the outer world ( ie fame ) and the other is the self-esteem that one obtains from one's inner world, the satisfaction that one feels from having created something great.

The ultimate question that any artist faces then is which source of self-esteem should be seen as more important?

Anonyme a dit…

On my Twitter account today (LaCurator).

Ann Marcaida