mardi 16 mars 2010

Bashung Radio Program Archived

i will let the words of my dear friend Brenda Clews, who listened to, recorded, uploaded and re-uploaded my March 14th radio tribute to Alain Bashung, fill you in on the details... she wrote the following generous description. Merci beaucoup, Brenda, avec mille bisous d'Astoria. xoxoxoox

A Tribute to Alain Bashung - Laura Tattoo on Coast Community Radio, March 14, 2010

"In a gentle, adoring and informative tribute, the poet Laura Tattoo brings the music of Alain Bashung alive to an English audience. To commemorate the genius of Alain Bashung, Laura dj'd a radio show one year after his death. She plays his music, covering a span of years and styles. She includes translations of his lyrics, and a little biography, particularly his latter years. The show is one hour, and aired on March 14, 2010 on Coast Community Radio. It is a moving tribute to a great singer.

"Laura has dedicated a website to the music of Alain Bashung and is translating all of his song lyrics from French into English so that the English-speaking world may come to understand this great French musician better. Her website is called, Bashung in English: English translations of the songs of Alain Bashung, France's greatest rocker."

Click here to listen:

This audio is part of the collection: Open Source Audio

 1 - Dehors
 2 - Suzanne
 3 - Le Secret des Banquises
 4 - Vertige de l'Amour
 5 - Madame Rêve
 6 - J'Passe Pour une Caravane
 7 - Ma Petite Entreprise
 8 - Fantaisie Militaire
 9 - Est-ce Aimer
10 - Malaxe
11 - Angora

Thanks to DJ Nacho Bizzness for engineering... xoxoox

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Brenda a dit…

My pleasure, dear. Thank you for bringing Bashung to us... and you were wonderful as a radio host - an inspiring and beautiful hour. xoxoxo