samedi 16 juillet 2011


ginger candy
melting incense and amber
the long slow burn perfuming
tongue, throat, esophagus
all the way to your tripes

chicken soup
with ginger slices and pepper
salty and hot
opens the sinuses
chases colds and influenza
natural antiseptic

cake with candied ginger
can make you speak in tongues
the mouth dancing ecstatic
whirling like dervishes
in love with the name of god

rice paper wrapped
crystalized ginger
first the thin covering dissolves
like a communion wafer in your mouth
then warm caramel sugar melts
like the chimes of a family clock

raw ginger sliced
crisp and wet
shredded with carrots

ginger flowers
ginger rodgers
ginger red hair
ginger and maryann
ginger snaps

unlimited inimitable ginger

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