vendredi 21 août 2009

another funeral

Aquarelle par Moineau: Je ne veux que dire bonjour à quelqu'un
(I just want to say hello to somebody)


out of words
out of feelings

i'm depleted
all i have
left is irritation
that most deliquent
symptom of depression
buried up to
my neck
in sand
like that woman

in the beckett play

but it's not a

happy day at all

it's a day when
call me to the shore

to strip off my clothes

claw my breast

pull out my hair

and say, "away, away"

o leave me alone

most foul emotion

i'll dress in black
pat the hairs down

with lilac

summon the courage

to stand with my children
when all i really want

all any of us want

is to stay home
shut the door

turn off the sun

go back to bed

and sleep it off

what else is left
now that you're gone
when one death follows
another until
life comes to be
defined by them
a funeral
a eulogy
and then a mass grave
where the heart
once was, buried
in desolation

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