vendredi 20 janvier 2012

new politics

photo by John Boyd (1865-1941)

let me be what i am
a fragment
changing ions
gross matter
and something indefatigable

i log in
to comment
on politics
i'm not in the back rooms
puffing cubans
i'm flying over icebergs

i brush against daisies
warble in maples
sit stonefaced
animal vegetable mineral
i've been all of it

on the rock and roll summit
of sisyphus
i stumble and get up
i do not merge with anything now
i touch i yield i move on

2 commentaires:

Garth a dit…

"on the rock and roll summit
of sisyphus"

It's good to know that he did make it to the top now and then :)

Laura Tattoo a dit…

hahhaha! you the man, man. glass is at half and half. xoxoox