dimanche 22 février 2009

to annie-claire for my birthday (translation)

and to all my sister souls

a rose-orange daisy a mix-up an infinity a symphony in c# minor
a busy life the prey of absence a seance another covenant for you and me
a path towards spring gainsbourg et simone play for our hearts blue butterflies both of us
joy without end a tenderness that offends that nourishes that embraces that inflames our spirits
then the march of women come their legs their arms hand in hand they never finish
we are friends sweetness we are lovers (fem) of lovers (fem) cream and sugar
beauty voluptuousness whips and wings somber eyes deepest night blue of sky a veil of skin
to touch to flirt to triumph on the hill behind the fields i find my lover awaiting me
and me without age without plot without scars rebirths my body and gives all glory to thee

Flowers from last year's garden by Barbary Chaapel

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Pisces Iscariot a dit…

Happy Birthday from a half-sister soul - sorry I'm late for the party.