dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Réjane et le Mistral (part 1)

dedicated to pina bausch

scénario pour une danse contemporaine à la provençale / scenario for a contemporary dance in the style of the people of provence (quoi qu'il soit.. :>>>))

a young woman, age 16, in her bedroom. it is night; she is in her night dress. réjane dances slowly through her room, browsing through her objects. picking up a journal, she makes a short entry. she goes to her closet, touching her clothes, and sighs. she selects a sweater and puts it on, suddenly cold. she dances over to her stereo, turns it off.
the music stops: sudden silence. réjane sighs with sadness and boredom and falls upon her back on the bed.

suddenly, there is a small bang at her window; the curtains blow open lightly. réjanes sits up with a start. the uneven banging and tapping continue, the curtains all around her bedroom are blowing open, a scent of lavender fills the hall. the wind continues tapping and blowing,

réjane gets up and opens the bedroom door which leads outside into the yard and the night. just beyond is the edge of the forest. she stands at the door, intrigued, listening. her hair and night dress are blowing; she has trouble containing her dress and snuggles into her sweater against the cold wind. inside, the curtains billow. outside, the wind dances in the trees, the leaves.

as suddenly as the wind started, it stops. réjanes does not move; she listens, waiting.

out of the forest steps a beautiful young man, moving toward réjanes. he smiles, offering her his hand; she hestitates. réjanes appears timid, but she is smitten and intrigued. in order to gain her trust, he dances for her, smiling, asking for her hand. his lavender perfume attracts her. finally, she makes the first step, twirling, and they begin to dance together. the wind comes up again as they dance, slowly making their way toward the forest's edge.

the young man suggests that they walk into the forest, he explains that there is a better life there, that they will live there in love and harmony among the forest creatures. réjane is torn. she looks back at her bedroom, thinking about her family, her home, her friends, but she is tempted to flee the boredom and sadness of her adolescent life.

à suivre / to be continued

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