mercredi 27 janvier 2010

Je suis francophile

rien n'a changé depuis que j'ai écrit ce poème en 2008...

i want a croissant
biftek poulet alain bashung
i want a new language
a post cinema verité
an avant garde nouvel roman
i want a song about lyon
or strasbourg or toulouse
i want to be pédé in gay ole' paris
or bi- in bretagne
I want to sit in an old theatre
and drink in bérénice
then go home and
write poetry à la ferré
i want to be risqué
i want to be un grand
i want an old barn for maison
and a terrace sur la seine
i want to take a train to cannes
and try this poem over again
i want to say "je vous aime"
like a true patriot
for once in my life
i want to say "vive la france"
without the guilt
throw off the shackles
i've felt since age 12
the American nightmare
adieu vietnam
bienvenue afghanistan
an endless maladie
tying me to a couch
with pills and pain
year after year after foutu year
my heart bursting with desire
my soul longing to speak
but the words are always foreign
always à la français
so no one gets the poems
even if my accent is good

2 commentaires:

Blequent a dit…

even if my accent is (not) good

I want to try to sing
or make some sounds
(not only foolish music)
around this beautiful and funny text

Moineau En France a dit…

go for it! :>>)) xooxoxoox