mercredi 26 octobre 2011

Song for an Occupation

Marcos Santos for NY Daily News, Rainy Day at the Occupy Wall Street protest

I'm shuffling through a street
filled with brown fallen leaves
I'm whistling Dylan songs
and slugging eau de vie
I've got nothing but goodwill
for myself and others
And then a crowd gathers
like birds of many feathers
each with a song and then
a chorus and then
a harmonic consensus

It's late October and
the night air is chill
We will fly in spite of it
My sisters, brothers, cousins
unfurl flags like wings
to honor the birth of another
Occupy Wall Street
our little hope and change corner
where justice and peace
confront terror and greed
and every bird shall be free

"Rise up oh ye phoenix hallelujah
Our hope has never died"

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