jeudi 15 décembre 2011

Beautiful Girls

Frantz Charlet, A Morrocan Beauty Holding a Parrot

Girls, your beauty will not save you
the more beautiful you are
the more the dogs will follow you
wanting that beauty for themselves
and once they are done
you will find yourself alone
because dogs have no intelligence
beyond what lies between
their legs, it is unsatiable
and no one beauty will satisfy it

i've seen the most beautiful girls
whom artists would praise as goddesses
throw themselves at the first dog
that follows them because
to be wanted is everything
to be desired is the highest honor
for a beautiful girl who has
no sense of her own value

You are not this body even if
today it appears dazzling
tomorrow anything can happen
and will happen and
it will take all your endeavor
to maintain that beauty that
dogs once found so desirable

Girls, you will suffer
girls, you will be forgotten
girls, live for knowledge
throw yourself into your life
and forget the dogs that follow you
clean out your closets and
learn to sing a song that has
nothing to do with belonging
for you belong even if
no one acknowledges you

There are worse things
besides loneliness
and the wounds you get today
a lifetime later may not heal
love and protect yourself today
for there is but one life and
one beauty that does not fade
the beauty of self-honor

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