mardi 2 juin 2009

Crow and Sparrow: A Winter's Tale

Carrion Crow (Corvus corone) and House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), photograph
by Jane Burton/Warren Photographic, Warren Photographic, UK

Why a winter's tale on the first of June, i cannot say... :>>))

In the days of old, Crow said to Sparrow,

"I own the winter, you must move along;
for your body is but a frail arrow

whilst mine is stouter and darker and strong.

Plus the ground is hard for a bit sparrow
to eek out odd worms for his daily bread;

whilst there is meat on the straight and narrow,

there is naught for the both of us," Crow said.

"I will disappear," the sparrow entoned,

"but not because i am small in the end;

I leave because Père Winter has disowned
the crisp green seeds upon which i depend.

"You need not suffer so sadly, Frère Crow,

out of concern for a little sparrow."

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Pisces Iscariot a dit…

I love this Laura - the sparrow's strength of character in not rising to the crow's aggression is a far more powerful tenet than Jesus' "turn the other cheek" since it allows him to pass by with his dignity intact and (just as important) without having two slapped cheeks.