mercredi 20 janvier 2010


i live in the silence that
you have left behind
a deep abiding silence
that sweeps upon the room
when i hear a certain song
or come upon a photo
or just hear your names
bubbling up from the nowhere
that subtly subsume my thoughts
color them with blues and grays
as i struggle with chaos

a hole opens up in my chest
like some sacred chakra
reserved for your absence
and like an accident victim
i absorb the shock and turn
pale and parched with no
sense of myself
there is only you
moving in and out of my
peripheral vision
deepening a wound

all your ghosts inhabit this
house like crowds of
pilgrims, brides and children
you knock at my heart
in the wee morning hours
when i lie still and soundless
it is then that your subtle
bodies enter my mouth and
infiltrate my dreams
i grab for the coverlets
sad and shivering
I grab for goblets and drink up

there is no transcendence
there is only you encompassing
year after lonely year
there is only you in the music
there is you here in the snow
and rain or in the rays of sunshine
when i eat my soup
when i put on my clothes
i feel you watch me
and bid me come away
such the angel in me would love
but it is the animal that lives on

1 commentaire:

Liz a dit…

Very clever! But also engrossing, engulfing ... a whole ... a total-ness. I love that one enters your mouth to enter your dreams!