dimanche 20 juin 2010

II. waking furies

La Marquise Casati par Man Ray (1922)

the furies are freedom burning within
they make life cold and indefinite

on the banks of the river seine
widows come to make their devotions

gloveless and ringless
children oft call them witches

they bring foxglove and rosehips
to foster vengeful goddesses

when headless widows talk
they spawn public discontent

tell windless tales of corrupt governments
and murdered offspring

of roman rule end of empires
the rape of Persephone

how men rose to be like gods
on the backs of despondant women

widows wander backstreets and alleys
until the bones break in their feet

then they sit and wait for death
as passerbys look beyond them

eating from garbage cans bathing in gutters
they damn themselves to freedom

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