samedi 11 septembre 2010

One Too Many Muses

One too many muses
I've got two
One who's kinda bluesy
One who's stuck on you

One who's shy and lonely
One who bought new shoes
She's so thin and bony
The other one can't lose

One who rails cacophonous
and sets her toe on line
One who rises with the sun
and loves the spring's bright light

One who takes you to a cliff
and drops you off the edge
and so does visit bitter blight
on our new age sagesse

One who dreams of weekend bliss
and mornings spent in bed
with late late nights and dal with rice
that spicy taste of sin!

One who calls and one who comes
Expectation/mirrored awe
Riveted/spirited, psychopath/limited
God... and human after all

She hands me the punchline
like so much melted butter
I give her a smiley face
and lift her from the gutter

"It's another dark day..."
"But the sun is shining!"
"It's another ace of spades..."
"But goddammit you won!"

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