mercredi 14 octobre 2009

Le Mistral est venu sur Vauvenargues

The Mistral is the famous wind of Provence. To me, it is like an amazing character that has descended upon us, to tease and torment us. I'd love to write a prose poem about it, a narrative, and turn the Mistral into a great "personnnage". Il souffle... et tout doit danser!

3 commentaires:

Jan Hersh a dit…

hier la pluie
aujour d'ui
il faisait gris
jusqu'a midi
merci pour le

Anonyme a dit…

all of nature is awesome..but maybe the mistral is just a little more awesome!
i like your idea of it as a character, it probably has a personality...but watch out for those mood swings !! r.w.

Moineau En France a dit…

and then a beautiful sunny day and then all overcast! mood swings is right... i read there were 100 names for the mistral but when i told this to marianne, she said, "i only know one" lol. so much for local folklore. thanks, guys! xoxoxoox