mercredi 3 mars 2010

Bloody Love

Cassandra by Evelyn de Morgan, 1898

Boys and girls, take heart
I made a hobby once
of loving you
I had a habit as
flat as a pancake
As high as
Alice B. Toklas
I had a red skull
with cross bones
But the sweetest bed
left of Lesbos
I fondled your genitals
then finished you off
with erudite love
like Sappho or Anaïs Nin
Her little birds with
little tongues
like stun guns
And I expected nothing
but blind worship
multiple orgasms and
a few good poems

I loved you, I swear
the way googly-eyed girls
love the drummer in the band
with rapid heart
and rapid eyelashes
I loved you like
mold loves bread
worms love pear
and I dare say
I loved you like
Cain loved Abel
and just as jealously
guarded my rapport
with the devil
until sex and love
were slave and master
and the easy orgasm
went by the wayside
with blood lust

Menstrual flow
became the New God
Monthly rituals
designed on the inside
like hieroglyphs on
cavern walls
Pagan chants channeled
from past voodoo
Noxious ghosts
straddling my throat
chasing the salt-bitter
tears of your cum
As in my mind
they all line up
to have their way
with bloody Kali

Now that valve is shut
Now that day is done
What do I live for
Now that I am bloodless?

2 commentaires:

enudelman a dit…

That's a tough poem to take in Laura; and probably tough to write also. There's a deep and dark resignation here... my poesy eyes are straining for a staff a light. (your verification word was 'gicspuni'... now what in the world is that?)

Mary Stebbins Taitt a dit…

Ditto above, he said it well!

I wrote a 700-page poem called Desire, but I'm afraid to put it on the internet!!!

Did you read Rita Mae Brown?

This is organic, a bit erotic, and sad.