jeudi 28 juin 2012

No nukes! No restart! Big Protests June 29 in Japan!

100,000+ people will take to the streets and to PM Noda's residence tonight, June 29th beginning at 17:00, to say "NO TO RESTART!SAIKADO HANTAI!” that the government plans in Ooi on July 1st. 

Join them live on USTREAM: 1:00AM PST, 4AM EST, 10h France.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

mercredi 20 juin 2012

Paris par métro

A little film Ron made of our first trip to Paris in 1999 ... 



Enrico Robusti, La Preghiara non ascoltata dell' annegato/
The Prayer not heard of the drowned

she won the purse
at carnival
she danced around
the table
but when she sat
she fell so flat
that nothing could
arouse her

a man a-saunter
came upon her
and breathed
into her cables
she sat straight up
and with one look
she knew that
she had found him

she stuffed some bills
into his mouth
he chewed them up
like lettuce
and in between
his burps and moans
he told her of
his fetish

nothing could stop
her rush of love
she threw her
feet upon him
and now at home
she stomps and groans
to soothe his
bastard burden

and all the while
the money grows
within his
rum-tum tummy
and one day now
he'll shit it out
and they'll be
all a-gaggle

that's 21st century
love my love
that's carnival
and cash
love is made
on the strawberry moon
and everyone is
a looney tune

for love
for love
for love
oh darling
for love made
on the moon

vendredi 15 juin 2012

No restart at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant!!

No way, no how! Hear the camerawoman weeping! 11,000+ demonstrate in front of Prime Minister Noda's office today!

Save the children of Japan from nuclear radiation!


jeudi 7 juin 2012

Love is all there is: the rest is self-delusion

Ancient maple by Patricia Scarborough from her Off the Highway Project

Have we a minute to sit
you and I
beneath this
heavily laden maple
sheltered from the rain
chilly wind
or sun

We can speak of the thing
unspoiled before
we touched it
in that devil may care
manner we have
of wanting to possess

the war years
that brought us
years of strife and
sacrifice and
and loyalty
burying the losses

What cowards we were
not to love!
What fools in thinking
we were above all that
mincing and mixing
of the inane with the serious
idiot sentimentalism!
We could do it all again
if not for ourselves

If not for self-delusion!
Oh I am off again
on that ancient subject
my will to resist
broken and dangling
from your pretty wrist
with a million charms
like dying stars
yet I would love you again

The other feelings
I have are all
mostly made of sand
a past that never was
a war that never ended
at the biological level
a cell that can
no longer divide

mardi 5 juin 2012

Mass Transit of Venus by Astro Daddy

"In the spirit of the day you knew there would be someone out there to inject a little humor with the 1st official image of the 'Transit of Venus'. You gotta love the right brained among us. Image Credit: Mario R." :>>>)))))))

dimanche 3 juin 2012

The Death of Sappho

Honoré Daumier, La mort de Sapho (The Death of Sappho), 1843

Take me to the cliff 
I am ready
Head to toe to midriff

Sing me a death riff 
I am heady 
Take me to the cliff

Carve on me your glyph 
I am steady 
Head to toe to midriff

Light me a spliff 
I am thready
Take me to the cliff 

Take your final whiff 
I am bready
Head to toe to midriff

Launch the skiff 
I am eddy
Take me to the cliff
Head to toe to midriff