mardi 21 juin 2011

When will the ME epidemic be taken seriously?

This is Mindy Keitel's powerful testimony about the effect of 30 years of bogus studies on ME-CFS, while we are left to die in terrible suffering. Evidence like this is given year after year at the annual CFSAC meeting in Washington, DC, and the ME patient community has had enough; they are beginning to ACT-UP as never before, although we have no Hollywood stars advocating for us. As for this little sparrow, I have had enough after 16 years of pain and a serious flu-like illness which has left me housebound, isolated and in ever-worsening condition.

Mindy's blog "CFS Central" with other important testimony can be found here:

As well, Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones' blog "X-Rx" is telling the truth about the bogus approaches to ME research and the important work of the Whittemore Peterson Institute in Nevada on human gammaretroviruses:

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