jeudi 19 août 2010

9/11 was an inside job

babel land
war on terror

i take you by the hand
i treat you like a friend
i'm not manic

jihad means
never having to say 
you're sorry

get it through your head
black eyed twins
make the best specimens

i like the way your
hair blows in the wind
in every direction

i fall over in your love
i'm made tame by your
dark whisperings in my ear

timing is everything
if you think that
time is everything

though i'm not ready
for marriage i've always
been a free spirit

your eyes are black
diamonds i can't wear 
on my fingers

allah akbar there is
no god but god when
the bomb goes off

how do three buildings
fall perfectly down onto
their own shadows

it's a mystical question
here today
gone tomorrow

my libyan lover played
pink floyd's the wall whenever
he made love to me

i'm in complete maya
conditioned to believe
my own eyes

the nazis learned
all the evidence can
not be destroyed

you tell me i have
bedroom eyes
it's a conspiracy

2 commentaires:

Jack Dollar a dit…

USS Maine, Operation Northwoods, 9/ on and so forth...

Moineau En France a dit…

ad infinitum...