mercredi 15 juillet 2009

Soundclick: Introducing the music of Ron Walker

Petit Moineau is very pleased to announce the inclusion of several of her partner Ron Walker's instrumental songs on their Soundclick page. Every night forever, up in the attic of our little four story house in Astoria, Oregon, Ron slaves away at his instruments and computers. Voilà the magic he produces!

Ron wrote music for film and video for 14 years; you can really hear that influence in his songs. He currently plays solo in clubs and restaurants around the region and teaches piano and flute at Clatsop Community College. If you like his music, please be sure to leave him a comment. He's felt pretty isolated with his composition for a long long time. xoxoxoxox

2 commentaires:

Brenda a dit…

I've listened to all tracks 3 or 4 times now, and love each one! (I'll leave a comment at Ron's pre-Sim page soon.) But I wanted to commend you both for the beautiful, fun rendition of Eh-very Dog Has His Day. I have enjoyed this song over and over! And, Laura, your *voice*! It's throaty, lilting, like chocolate whiskey, mellow and full and I'd listen to anything you produced, including meditation tapes! Sultry jazz... oooh, I'd love it! Or fun pieces like this. I hope, hope you & Ron continue to collaborate in this way... we'll be the fortunate recipients of your combined talent. Love you both. xoxo

Moineau En France a dit…

brenda, ron and i were sitting together and we read this lovely note of yours together... so moved. ron said, "boy, she really is nice, isn't she?" and i said, "so supportive." actually, i see you as a rare exotic and wonderful bird of mythic dimensions, dear brenda, whispering sweetness, your "soooo sweet!" into everyone's ears. you just made us feel sooo good as we prepare for bed tonight. tomorrow is the memorial for my friend: life is so brief and the bus is coming. grab the sweetness! that is you, you and your creativity. we are so blessed to have you in our lives. mucho bisous ((((((brenda)))))xoxoxooxox