jeudi 8 septembre 2011

Stand now and remember

On the 10th anniversary of one such September 11th... inspired by a segment of "Democracy Now",
featuring Ariel Dorfman:

For all the dead of all our September 11ths,
for India, South Africa and Attica,
for Chile, Haiti, and NYC, my birthplace:

Know that our resistance shall be infinite
and the lies of the purveyors of violence
shall be lit up by sunshine glinting off our tears.

Gandhi knew that only nonviolence
and personal sacrifice could defeat
the stranglehold of the British masters.

Allende, the hope of the Chileans
knew that one day his countrymen and women
would reconstruct their own futures.

Mandela sat, studied and survived for freedom
and Aristide waited seven years in 
South Africa to return to his people.

The ghosts of the twin towers stand over us
begging more questions than answers about
how we will fashion the remainder of our years.

Each corpse in the street, each dead family
is awaiting a justice that must come and
will come when we wake up to who we are.

Those who need to massacre to keep power
to steal resources and make themselves fatter
shall find themselves at the back of the jailhouse.

People are starving for food and for love;
they are emerging from caves and snakepits
to pick up invisible arms of righteousness.

Only when we see ourselves in the other,
when we stand up for the weakest amongst us,
when we cherish and protect all our children,

will our calvacade toward September 11th stop
and each day for a moment we shall stand
and remember the end of corruption and violence.

Stand now and remember together:
Vow unto death not for revenge but for justice
and then go out and make it happen.

 8 septembre 2011

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rika a dit…


Moineau En France a dit…

thank you, rika! love your blog too! xoxoxo

Pao a dit…

"La haine tue toujours, l'amour ne meurt jamais"

Yes, my dear Laura, stand now and remember together


Moineau En France a dit…

bisous, cher pao. merci pour cette pensée, j'en ai besoin après cet anniversaire de connerie. "go to sleep, little earth..." xoxoxox