lundi 30 novembre 2009

in my sickroom

putting a face on me-cfs and fibromyalgia

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Anonyme a dit…

your sickroom images show us directly the misery you face with your illnesses. i am so sorry that you have days of so much discomfort and suffering.
the look on your face in these pictures communicates total misery...almost like the famous painting "the scream". also the stark lighting and the surreal red glow in the room makes me feel that you might be in "hell", which is probably the way you were feeling when these pictures were taken. i, along with your other readers i am sure, hope that you will start feeling better..and that this"flare up" of pain and misery will subside soon. i would catogorize these pictures as being in the realm of "true art", if the function of true art is to communicate emotions...and help us to understand what the artist is feeling.thank you for sharing some of your worst moments with us..that takes alot of openess and courage...r.w.

Moineau En France a dit…

thank you, my love. i guess my only fearful thought in mounting these pictures was that people would think i'm sick because i'm still smoking or highly criticize me for it...

i have quit for long periods of times since becoming ill... sure my lungs feel better, but the sickness is the same, smoke-free or not. i'd like to quit; i just don't know if i have the moral will right now... but it is not the thing that made me sick. so this was my only concern.

the photo set is meant as an art piece, and you have said it well. ty. xoxox

Mary Stebbins Taitt a dit…

Yes, very sad and painful and I know it all to well.

I am so sorry!! :-(

I hope you feel better soon.

My fibromyalgia has been better lately, most (but not all) of the time.

ZI am doing all these things, no idea which of them is helping.

Blue and bright light therapy in the AM, upon arising. Exercises, walking, special diet, melatonin at night. No coffee or alcohol (most of the time).

That last picture is exactly how I FEEL when my fibro flares up! AK!

Pris a dit…

People see us usually when we've put our 'perky' face on, never knowing that when they leave, that collapses pretty quickly or what a toll we pay for energy expended.

Thanks for posting these, Laura!

Moineau En France a dit…

thanks, mary. light therapy is great... such an excellent idea. i did it for years for seasonal affective disorder; it helped immensely. i'd get up at 4 and read the bhagavad gita, then meditate... ah, those were the days, when my inner clock was regulated! :>>))) i'm very glad you've felt better lately. pain is a soul killer, that's what i always say.

and pris, thank you. yes, i certainly had my perky face on for a full month and a half; i don't know why i could, i had the same symptoms. but i seemed to have a lot of adrenaline following my ex's death... the crash was bound to come; it always comes. no regrets though.

i had a dream the morning i took these pictures that when i got home my house was cluttered with people that ron had allowed to move in! even werner herzog was there; he had his own room filled with shelves upon shelves of boxes and was standing on a table filing papers! the woman ron had allowed to move in was stealing our baby! and i was just becoming more and more enraged! all the loiterers became disgusted with me and started drinking out of big wine bottles! (comme les français?!)

what a weird dream to have when i was feeling so isolated and after weeks in this "sickroom" (infirmerie en français). maureen guessed that perhaps i felt that i had had to put on that perky face more often than i actually could and that my dream reflected my anxiety about that. very astute, eh? :>>>))))

love to both of you brave women and artists. xoxoox