mardi 7 juillet 2009

for michael jackson

le plus beau

beautiful michael, i rocked with you
in my most innocent hour to the
light fantastic of the disco ball
bumping and rocking with so
many souls on those unisex dance
floors sizzling and ecstatic, drenched in
sweet human sweat, thrown into
the arms of loving friends and friendly
strangers, laughing, grinding, throwing
our arms into the air in a grand cheer
of victoire, in celebration of who we were
young, gay and proud, and living outloud

i have thrilled with you in the
unusual, i have chilled to you with
smoke and vodka and i too have
shocked and costumed, to be who i
am without constraints or rules
to moonwalk on that golden moon
where the morning star shares its
throne with you now, i'm sure
father and best friend of the music we
love, the music you dreamed of

when i hear them prevaricate about drugs
and then think about the pain
we've shared, the pain of plain
human living, the pain of disappointment
of dancing too hard, of reaching too high
of sometimes falling to the earth again
flung down to this planet l'enfant sauvage
i say, they have no idea what kind of pain
you were in, your daily bread, and
they have no right to try to divine it

but now your pain is done as well as
that most greatly expressed joy
that thrilled us to the very bone
and lit up our hearts and our hope
but your music lives on, on our tongues
and we take up the glove, friend,
raise our voices for tolerance and dignity
cher michael, well done, well driven
well danced and well sung

and now, as the evening star moves on
i'll put "thriller" on the wire and
push "send all" and everyone will know
whether they admit it or not, that you
were genius and spirit and a great great
soul who taught us so much about love
and left us so much work to be done
we take up the glove, dear michael
we take up the light and spread it
over this vaste human family of yours
chéri, frère, le plus beau de tous
adieu... et merci beaucoup

9 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

If I had written a poem about Michael Jackson, I'd hope for it to be half as compasstionate, as passionate as this. Well said, my dear.


Anonyme a dit…

Let's change the compassionate spelling.

Moineau En France a dit…

thanks, dear friend. xoxooxoxox

Brenda a dit…

An ecstatic reverie to a great musician who also touched us with his humanity, caring, love. He is so close he is like a lover here. And there is sadness at his loss and yet carrying on the genius and spirit of who he was. Beautiful honouring, Laura. The depth of your response to his tragic death is beautiful and, yes, compassionate, and resonates with Michael Jackson's music, his legacy. xoxoxo

Moineau En France a dit…

ty, bren... (((((((((brenda)))))))))))

his memorial service was so very beautiful yesterday. stevie wonder's song written for michael was the highlight. see if you can find it on youtube––i'm sure it's there already. i'm going to grab the mp3 out of it; it says everything i feel about michael j and this cold cruel fucking world! :>>(( it's actually a very tender song.

but love can face down anything, can't it? and for me, it's what i will remember about him... mj is in the guinness book of world records for the most charitable giving of any artist ever. are we surprised? all love ~lt xoxoxooxoxoxox

Stirling Davenport a dit…

a tender poem for a tender-hearted genius. his starry eyes still flicker.

Moineau En France a dit…

well said, darling stirl. takes one to know one. ty for your reading. xoxoxoxoox

Never Forget March 11 2011 a dit…

Tattoo! I never knew how much MJ was "important to the world" until it was too late. ("This Is It", in fact) Sad I always thought he was too pop for me (60+) and here I end up loving him after he's gone. I rent that DVD at least once a month from the Library - that's how much that Video means to me.
Love you for this great Tribute that you did for him.
Whoopie NoMoreNukes99

Laura Tattoo a dit…

so sweet, whoopie. hey, it's never too late to find love. :>>))) "this is it." xoxoxoox