samedi 2 janvier 2010

natural fibers

photo by moineau

cotton and silk
raw fibers to
caress le corps
wrap short thick legs
embellish softening arms

we tried polyester once
black and slippery
sexy you said
but couldn't wait
to peel it off

we even tried vinyl
but knew it was
a terrible mistake
when a maiden ran
crying from the house

give me cotton
fuzzy sweaters washed
two hundred times
ribbed legwarmers cuffed
at knee and ankle

dress my neck in
chinese silks
thin and tearable, with
cherry blossoms to wrap around
my extra large head

drown me in fabric
cotton caftan or jilbab
i'll flow like a river
under your swaying boat
water lapping at your lips

on a large flat bed
soft undergarments strewn
across the floor and furniture
you will kiss noontide shadows
under the passion tent

2 commentaires:

preacherhouse a dit…

hey laura check out my blog it's called Preacherhouse I tried to make a theme out of it. It's basically my writings and photography. How do you search blogs on blogger. And how to get on bloggers search page. How do you get your blog to show up.

Kate Champagne a dit…

I love this, Laura. So sexy and I just love natural fibers.