vendredi 9 décembre 2011

mars and venus

Mars and Venus by Di Cosimo Piero (Renaissance)

come jupiter
come mars
come venus
night after night
until egos fold
and we realize
how small how fragile
how enduring

when mars was setting
over the house next door
blinking blue then red
it brought up your memory
because mars fought with
venus in you
and i had to run across
the icy street to find
venus rising
just to complete
your life cycle

if only you had not
needed to fight so hard
for every bread crumb

if only you had been able
to follow your nature
and succomb to romance

the toro that was you
still rides the skies
and now that i see you
rising and falling
in these crystal nights
i know a little more about
how strong you were
how strong your love was
and it breaks my heart

love never dies
it just rises and falls
every night with
mars and venus

red mars

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