lundi 3 janvier 2011

sex lesson

this is not a call for censorship but for reason...

gaga gets gang banged

yes use the female form
design it to your taste
make them all the same
expressionless curvaceous
make them undulate
suggestive of bare naked
while you prognosticate
with your latest song
about how to make them pay
for the ways they done you wrong
for not allowing you to take
what was and never will be yours

oh music man in black glasses
professor of sexual slander
slave driver sellout to
mass media gang bangers
line them up in pairs
you know they're all lesbians
so just create another bender
of booze, music and sex antics
then worship the greenbacks
growing out their asses
it's the the closest you'll ever come
to understanding "woman"

and behind the seeming glamor
a handful of heartless bastards
with all the world to gain
who test market our brains
track search engines and "likes"
for the seeds of basic training
with men driven by their lust
and women desperate to belong
we're sold the bill of goods
and made to die for it
bright and potent stars
crushed for gold dust

all the same, video after video

robert palmer and ms. lips sell pepsi

booty call for your usage

excellent traing for adolescent girls

babes in black with drinks in hand

show her how it's done while another girl looks on

gaga, fake lesbians for your viewing pleasure

gaga, fake sex prisoners while real women languish in jail without their children

contest! who's the hottest girl on campus?

body parts for a victimless crime

***All images grabbed from popular music videos except "Girls Gone Wild", and all of them
available to 11-yr-old boys and girls

6 commentaires:

moigo a dit…

Thank you for the representative photos and great commentary on a degenerate culture. Top photo is reminiscent of the Abu Ghraib pyramid of flesh. Dehumanization seems to be trendy. And yes, "expressionless", "blank" - trendy to look like a manikin with all life and individuality sucked out.

Moineau En France a dit…

thanks, moigo. i was leaving the room, passing by the tv last night, when some video came on with three women, all the same, dancing behind some male singer. i said, "yes use the female form". ron responded; we had this exchange of "yes use it to..." etc etc. i went outside and realized it was a poem. sometimes i feel like i can't take it anymore. the degradation is so consistent... this post took hours. hard to line a row of up comments and pictures. what was meant as a way to get my anger out wound up stressing me to the max! :>>/// xoxoxoxoxo

moigo a dit…

Beautifully done. I can see you took great care. I can imagine how disturbing it all is, being as conscious of women's issues as you are and having your own story. I'm sure that many sites would appreciate a link to this work.

Pisces Iscariot a dit…

I often think that the struggle for sexual equality has been subverted to the extent that:
a. many willlingly exploit (or allow themselves to be exploited) with the explanation that it is 'empowering'
b. the drunken exscapades of many young women who are exercising their equal rights to act just like young men end up leaving themselves open to sexual violence and exploitation.

Equality should not mean you become the same as those whose shackles you are seeking freedom from.

Great piece Laura.

Moineau En France a dit…

thanks, pisces. your thoughtful comment greatly appreciated! xoxoxoxooxox

bluerose a dit…

Wow, a well stated call for reason! Oh the irony of those who try to stand out and be different by trying to fit in with the rebelliously trendy.