jeudi 16 février 2012


a beautiful lightshow in honor of the people of fukushima ...

The following comment is by Michaël Colom, a member of our Fukushima 311 Watchdogs group, who is passionate about Japanese culture:
Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle, one of the most praised castle throughout Japan and a proud symbol for Fukushima people. It was also called Tsuruga-jô -the Crane Castle. The castle was built around the 14th century by a powerful daimyô family in the area, Ashina clan. It stayed under their possession up until the 16th century. By the 17th century, fully in the Edo period, the castle went into the hands of another daimyô, a close family member of the Tokugawa shogunat, Hoshina Masayuki. It stayed under Hoshina clan until the Meiji restauration, which marked the end of Japan ruled by an elitist warrior class. 1868-1869 is a famous historical date for a war which marks the beginning of the Japan we actually know, Bôshin sensô, which means the war of the year of Dragon, between the imperial and nationalist camps versus the shogunat one. Aizu was the last domain to support the shogun side, and during the battle, a famous unit composed of a majority of 17-year-old warriors (Byakkôtai = or white tiger unit) had to sacrifice their lives by seppuku when they thought their lord's castle was taken by the enemy. Ironically, this year is the year of the dragon and Fukushima youth are being sacrified because of insane officials who assiege them and do not care at all about them

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