mercredi 11 mai 2011

big and little dee

america's chugging along
keeping the world 
safe for democracy
stuffing the pockets
of her favored sons
who fly to the east
in search of the biggest
and wettest oil reserves
deep in the heart of
the exotic continent
buying and selling
we'll be there first
not to be outdone by
the chinese cheats
who denigrate the very
word "democracy"
who make capital
without the capital "C"
who know how to
exploit their workers
keep them enslaved and quiet
we sew it all up
by opening factories
to get a little bit
of that chinese grease
and fuck the future
of american workers

america's got blowback 
as big as the Hindu Kush
like an angry wound
inflicted in the side
of an andolusian bull
charging the walls
with a big spear
dangling from its midriff
goring the red capes 
of a rubber-nosed clown
sent out to calm him
and if one goes down
there's a funeral
and a few brave journalists
who tear up the sport
but it's a cultural enclave
not to be broken or denigrated
we must be sensitive
to the needs of the indigenous
and let them have their fun
with their basque prisoners

america's got a calling card
dropped from unmanned drones
into the backyards 
of opium denizons
and miles of pipeline
enough for everyone
one for the russians
one for the french
one for the guy flying
by the seat of his pants
brave new world
brave new money
stuffed into the hands
of hungry afghans
at their checkpoints
we're training them
to secure their own lands
and in our back pocket
a folded blueprint
of how to get the oil
out of the caspian basin
it's a long chess match
for big and little dee

4 commentaires:

Pisces Iscariot a dit…

...among other things. Great piece, unsoftened, understated.

Moineau En France a dit…

thank, dudeman. among other things... :>>))) too true. xoxooxox

Anonyme a dit…

Excellent - laying it all bare and nary a hint of preaching. "blowback as big as the Hindu Kush" - striking image! Also, "brave new world brave new money" - yes, the little dee is so much about new money, the infinite accumulation of new money. It is the same as the moneylenders in the Temple.

One word I question - midrift - is it a pun or do you mean midriff?

from a passerby who will stop by again.

Moineau En France a dit…

midriff, ty. and thank you so much for stopping by. xooxx :>>)) xoxooxox