samedi 20 novembre 2010

ex nilio

“Betsy Mac Call plays with Blythe Somat in the cemetery”. Copyright Alice Odilon 2010 . 

 for Alice

i've watched her create
her flower dolls and cutouts
bosnian brides runaway girls
creeping morning glories
laconic paper lilies

she surveys the landscape
summoning out of the artifice
their primordial gardens
their dark hallways
and ghostly apartments

slowly she composes the sets
simplifies the devices
lowering the chandelier lights
choosing b&w over the
red of their mortal wounds

she encourages them to
think for themselves
and when lacan flower power
meets vestal somataforme
the plot thins and thickens

one has no face to turn to
for she is scarce to herself
thinking of only others
another prefers her weapons
her anorexic angular edges

it is not an easy work
nor is she ever paid for it
but studiously painfully artfully
from their darkest elements
she summons her girls back to life

Calla Lilies by Jiang Tiefeng (permission pending)

4 commentaires:

allegraka a dit…

Thank You So Much My Friend! I love your Poem!
I feel your strength and your courage!
That's the Best Gift from Moineau en France!
I'm so gratefully! LOVE+++++ Alice

Moineau En France a dit…

thank you, dear alice, for all you are teaching me. you encourage me so much, in those sad places where i still need encouragement. love you. xoxooxoxxo

enudelman a dit…

Lovely poem, Laura. When are you going to start submitting a manuscript for your first full-length book of poetry? Okay, tomorrow is good!!

Moineau En France a dit…

that was so kind, ed. i'm working on it right now, actually, but i'm still writing poems for it as it has a specific theme. i think i'll be ready in about six months to a year. i'm really really really hoping for calyx, the women's journal in southern oregon. might you be willing to read it before i start submitting? i've been meaning to ask you. thanks again, bud. xoxoxoxoox