mardi 6 octobre 2009

Mall of Dreams (Spoken Word)

Like "What Comes This Way", this was one of those poems that wrote itself. If I remember correctly, I walked into my bedroom one night, sat on the bed, wrote this in 10 minutes, then came out and shared it with Ron.

For the song version, Ron decided to accompany me on a second guitar, and I was simply amazed. This man can pick up almost any instrument and make it shine! I love what he has done here, providing a full compliment of emotion, sound, body and soul to the text. Thank you, darling!

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2 commentaires:

Jan Hersh a dit…

je voudrais plus
i would like a repeat of the first part
i would like a video version with images pehaps of some of the items listed in the dream and some art work as well.
i would like this to be a big hit as in thousands of hits on youtube
qu'est ce que tu veux, mignon?
The musique is parfaite.

Moineau En France a dit…

hey, jan sweetheart! thanks so much for your great ideas, as always. hmmm... what DO i want? just to be heard, i suppose, by a few vagabond souls like my own, our own... so my dream has already come true. i think there's an average of 10 people a day coming to my blog from all around the world with repeat visits. that's far more than i ever could have dreamed possible! it's as good as having a poetry book published, in my humble opinion!

very, very happy... and as long as the writing continues as it has been--no "writer's block", grace à dieu––and i'm slowly walking (balader sur) this middle path at long last, without the extreme highs and lows of the past, i want nothing more, except, well... never to leave france. but hélas, we can't have it all, can we? where would we put it? :>>))

let's just say, i'm one lucky woman. i know i make it happen, i can claim it; but there is a certain grace, perhaps a recompense to all of this... c'est magique. et enfin je peux dire, "j'aime la vie!" xoxoxooxoxox