mardi 6 décembre 2011


cartoon by Chris Sims

yeah they're coming around again
all my friends
with spiced wine hot toddies
and all the myriad problems of
early christmas shopping

i told them christmas is dead
and god too for that matter

they've got telephones dripping
from their greazy fingers
they love to make calls to
their loved ones back home
and talk for hours

i told them i don't have the infrastructure
to talk long on the phone
i'm too weak to maintain
a two-way conversation

that's okay they love me as
i am broken at the kneecaps
they can manage the call
all by themselves if necessary

ho ho ho they stammer
ringing my bells
as if the messiah of hope came
and lit a 26-hr candle

and when i'm quiet for a couple of days
it all fades back into the woodwork
where it came from

that's okay with me
because i have nothing left to say
no christmas presents
no wishful thinking
no thinking at all to be honest

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